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 Shipping pallets

Made-to-Measure Pallets

  • Fast and efficient delivery

Competitively priced

It’s frustrating when the goods you want to store for onward delivery just will not stack on a standard sized pallet. This is why Morton and Jones provide a quick and efficient made-to-measure pallet service. You send us the specifications and leave the rest to us. Before you know it our lorry will be at your door delivering your bespoke pallets.

2014-12-03 03:28:07

What style of pallet suits your operation?

Morton and Jones manufacture a range of different pallet types. If you are not sure which one will suit your requirements, please give us a call.

 Recycled pallets

Standard block pallets

made to your precise specification and heat treated if required

 Pallet blocks

Reversible pallets

durable, strong and giving years of extra use

 UK pallets

Close boarded pallets

nothing can fall through these sturdy pallets

 Heat treated pallets

Winged pallets

allows shrink wrapping to grip more securely

Packing pallets

Pallet boxes

easy to stack boxes to save on storage space

Reclaimed pallets

Two or four way entry

for flexible handling

 Packing cases

Exporters pallets

extra durability for international travel

For more information on our made-to-measure pallet service call 01978 358 003

2014-12-03 03:28:36

We can also make bespoke crates and packing cases for fragile or sensitive stock and equipment.

We take pride in our excellent customer service